Forms & Resources for Active Student Organizations

This is a list of the most common forms and tasks for student organization events and activities.

Meeting and Event Planning Checklist

  • Select a date for your event. (Guidelines are available here.)
  • Create and register the event in your organization's portal. (Instructions are available here.)
  • Fill out and upload the Purchase Authorization for any purchases. (Instructions are available here.)

Special Events

Certain types of events require additional forms or proposal materials:

  • Procedure Nights/Skills Workshops - A proposal should be included in the Event Request. (The distinction between procedure nights and skills workshops is outlined here.)
  • Charitable Fundraisers - A proposal should be included in the Event Request.

Student Organization Travel

If your organization has designated funds for student travel to conferences or other events:

After the trip, make sure that travelers receiving reimbursement from your organization meet with the Coordinator of Student Activities to complete a Travel Expense Summary.

Additional Resources

A more complete set of the forms and files available for our student organizations can be found in the Files section of your organization's MedSync portal. (Look for files with an umbrella icon next to their names.)

You can also find answers to some of the most common student organization questions here.

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