Interested in Starting a New Student Organization?

The very first step is scheduling an appointment with the Director of Student Affairs & Career Development to discuss the proposed organization and the steps for recognition as an Active Student Organization (summarized briefly below).

Planning the Organization

Before submitting a Student Organization Registration application, you will need:

  • at least four OUWB students.
  • an organizational identity (including name, logo, purpose, initial goals, and governing documents).
  • a plan of action (including an outline of events and initial budget).
  • an adviser (identified in consultation with Student Affairs).

Applying for Recognition

Once the group has the above information prepared, you should fill out the Student Organization Registration application, which is available on MedSync. (Select the green "Register New Organization" button.)

  • The Director of Student Affairs & Career Development will schedule an appointment with the group to discuss the proposed organization. This may include suggested revisions to the group's application.
  • Once the application materials are finalized, the Director will forward the application to MSG for consideration.
  • MSG will review the application packet and decide whether to recognize the proposed group as an Active Student Organization.

Being an Active Student Organization

To maintain Active status, a student organization must meet the following criteria:

  • Host a minimum of one completed event per term.
  • Maintain a roster of at least four active Executive Board members
  • Demonstrate fiscal responsibility.

An organization that does not meet the criteria for annual renewal will be placed Under Review for one term. If, at the end of that term, the organization has still not demonstrated the criteria to regain Active status, MSG may deem the organization Inactive.

A full outline of the process for starting a student organization is available here. For help writing your proposed organization's Constitution, we recommend this instructional template.

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