Schedule of Events           (all times in Eastern Standard Time)

12:00 pm - The event begins.

12:30 pm - All students should arrive by this time.

12:45 pm - The program begins.

  1:00 pm - Match results are released.

What does the program include?

At 12:45 pm, OUWB representatives will offer a welcome and comments.

Then our M4 students will gather in their PRISM mentor groups to receive the envelopes containing their Match results. At 1:00 pm, everyone will open their envelopes at the same time. This can be done in the mentor group, with your guests, or in a private space - the choice is yours.

How can I share my Match results?

We have some fun plans in place to help you share your Match results that day and beyond! These include:

An OUWB Match Day backdrop for plenty of photo opportunities

Maps of the United States and Michigan to pin with your Match location.

More details will be announced as they are confirmed.